Omega Blood Count - The optimal measure of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
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Omega Movement

Freedom to move without pain and discomfort is fundamental to good health. Inflammation of the joints and muscles can impair normal movement. The correct balance of Omega-3 can help reduce this inflammation and improve mobility.

The efficacy of Omega-3 fish oils in rheumatoid arthritis has been demonstrated in several clinical trials. Omega-3 promotes the production of anti-inflammatory hormones and competes with the Omega-6 fats which promote inflammatory hormone production. In addition, they suppress the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and cartilage degradation enzymes. Further research has confirmed that Omega-3 will reduce the various factors involved in tissue destruction in osteoarthritis, confirming the mechanism by which Omega-3 improved the symptoms in this form of arthritis. A review of published studies showed that supplementation with Omega-3 for 3-4 months reduced patient reported joint pain intensity, minutes of morning stiffness, number of painful and/or painful joints and consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs(1).

Osteoporosis is a major health problem for our aging population. There are a number of animal studies which indicate a reduction in osteoporosis in those consuming higher quantities of Omega-3 fatty acids. A recent human study found a marked decrease in the bone breakdown in those with a diet high in Omega-3 compared to the normal western diet(2). Another study showed that increased intake of Omega-6 fatty acids increased the risk of fracture in an elderly population(3).

Omega-3 has been shown to be important for supporting joint and bone health which is vital for mobility.


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